A Taxi not to be missed

December 12, 2007


With a title perhaps more suited to a horror film based on a video game, TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE is actually a stunning documentary about what happened to an innocent Afghan cab driver when he became ensnared by US authorities and sent to Bagram, where he was tortured and killed. The ultimate present-day horror story, the film is an important and truly artistic document made by the man (Alex Gibney) who exposed the dark side of American capitalism and the Enron debacle in THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM. But at least in that scandal – to paraphrase the bumper sticker â?? â??those guys lied but nobody diedâ?. TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE is a must see for all serious film goers.

TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE opens on January 18 @ the Angelika New York.