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AARDVARK Q&A with filmmakers & cast

Aardvark Movie

Director/Writer Brian Shoaf’s latest film – the Tribeca Film Festival Jury Award nominee for Best U.S. Narrative Feature AARDVARK- made its theatrical debut at the Angelika’s sister location Village East Cinema last weekend, and Shoaf was in attendance for Q&As along with producer Susan Leber and actors Jenny Slate (OBVIOUS CHILD, LANDLINE) and Sheila Vand (ARGO, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT).

AARDVARK centers on Josh Norman (Zachary Quinto), who suffers from mental health issues that are deeply examined within the film. Sheila Vand states that the mental health exploration was a factor that drew her to the film – and Jenny Slate says that she only accepts roles that “turn her brain on” and “keep her alive.”

They elaborate further on what attracted them to their roles in AARDVARK here:

The film also has a duality element to it in terms of genre. Brian Shoaf elaborates on that here:

Learn more about AARDVARK by viewing the full Q&A here.

View the trailer:

About the film:

AARDVARK follows Josh Norman, a troubled man who has lived in the shadow of his brother Craig for so long he starts seeing that shadow everywhere. After experiencing a series of hallucinations involving Craig – an actor, and the star of a popular TV drama – Josh places himself in the care of Emily, a young therapist. Emily is forced to wade deeper and deeper into Josh’s imaginary world, and along the way forms her own obsession with his famous brother. While Emily and Craig explore a potentially disastrous attraction, Josh begins a relationship with a young woman, Hannah, who might be his soul mate – if only he could be sure she exists.

Where to see it:

AARDVARK is now playing at Village East Cinema, Angelika Dallas, and Angelika Pop Up.