And so it begins…SEX AND THE CITY craziness invades internet and earth

May 6, 2008


Love it, hate it….pretend to hate it but really love it… whatever your feeling is, there’s a good chance you probably feel something about the upcoming SEX AND THE CITY movie. But if you’re still undecided, it seems that it won’t be too tough to find ample assistance in making up your mind. The first reviews, articles and “extended teasers” have popped-up this week, showing early signs of what’s bound to be a havoc-reeking Gucci-storm of reviews, press and non-stop media coverage until the May 30th premiere. called it “the Neiman Marcus catalog on steroids”, which, depending on your interests/values/opinion of steroids, is [intentionally?] vague and kind of indeterminate. New York Magazine also ran a feature-story on Sarah Jessica Parker in which they conclude that she is a total down to earth New Yorker- mom-at-the-playground lady who acts and “looks her age” (although the cover-photo seems to indicate she is still smitten with her favorite “glam-freak” Carrie Bradshaw pose), and YouTube has come upon a four-and-a-half minute sneak peak/press junket extravaganza that might have uber-fans tripping over their Manolos on the way to be first at the box office.

Glamorous, fun movie-version of the best television series ever created? It’s too early to say, but either way, you should probably still check it out, or risk feeling socially irrelevant until mid-June.

SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE opens Friday, May 30 at the Angelika Dallas & Houston and at the Cinemas 1,2,3 and East 86th St. Cinemas in NYC.

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