Angelika Houston: 11th Polish Film Festival!

November 6, 2008

11th PFF
The Angelika Film Center in Houston is proud to host the
11th Polish Film Festival, starting this week!

See below for details, click here for the full schedule.

Date: November 7, 9, 14, 16 & 17, 2008
Venue:  Angelika Film Center Houston, 510 Texas Avenue (@ Smith St.) Houston, TX 77002
Tickets: General Admission: $10 – Seniors/Students: $8 (Available at the door)
Organizer: Zbigniew Wojciechowski, PolStage Productions (contact tel. 281 565-0499)

Summary: The Polish Film Festival celebrates 11 years! Like every year, this yearâ??s program features some of the best recent film productions of the Polish cinematography, including Academy Award nominee – historical drama KATYN by Andrzej Wajda (screening on Nov 7).

Also, you canâ??t miss the film TWIST OF FATE, directed by one of the icons of the Polish cinema Jerzy Stuhr. You will be able to meet the actor/director personally after the film screening on Nov 14 or during the evening with the author at Anya Tish Gallery on Nov 13. Polish Film Festival is an event that brings you closer to the Polish culture, its rich history, colorful mentality, and huge talent. Simply, an event you canâ??t miss!

Click here for the full schedule

Fri, November 7, 2008
8:00PM KATYN (KatyÅ?) dir. Andrzej Wajda (drama 2007, 117â??) – see synopsis below!
10:00PM ONE MORE TIME (Jeszcze Raz) dir. Mariusz Malec (comedy 2008, 91′)

Sun, November 9, 2008
6:00PM GODâ??S LITTLE GARDEN (U Pana Boga w Ogródku) dir. Jacek Bromski (comedy 2007, 115â??)
Meeting with the director J. Bromski after the screening
8:00PM SOLIDARITY, SOLIDARITY (SolidarnoÅ?Ä?, SolidarnoÅ?Ä?) dir. among others Jacek Bromski, Filip Bajon, Andrzej Wajda (drama/comedy 2005, 113â??)Thu, November 13, 2008
7:30PM Meeting and discussion with â??iconâ?? of the Polish film, Jerzy Stuhr, actor/director
Special Venue: Anya Tish Gallery (4411 Montrose Blvd., Houston)

Fri, November 14, 2008
8:00PM THE BIG ANIMAL (Duże Zwierze) dir. Jerzy Stuhr (comedy 2000, 73â??)
9:30PM TWIST OF FATE (Korowód) dir. Jerzy Stuhr (drama 2007, 112â??) – see synopsis below!
Meeting with the director J. Stuhr after the screening

Sun, November 16, 2008
6:00PM THREE BUDDIES (Trzech Kumpli) dir. Ewa Stankiewicz (documentary 2008)
LEJDIS (Lejdis) dir. Tomasz Konecki (comedy 2008, 139′)
8:00PM LEJDIS (Lejdis) dir. Tomasz Konecki (comedy 2008, 139′)

Mon, November 17, 2008
7:00PM 13 YEARS, 13 MINUTES (13 Lat, 13 Minut) dir. Marek Maldis (documentary 2007, 49′)
WEARING A FOUR-CORNERED CAP AND A TIGER SKIN (W Rogatywce i Tygrysiej Skórze) dir. Jerzy Lubach (documentary 2008, 56â??)
9:00PM MIDNIGHT TALKS (Rozmowy NocÄ?) dir. Maciej Zak (romantic comedy 2008, 91â??)

This year, the 11th Polish Film Festival will present a variety of best Polish films, including dramas, historical dramas, comedies and documentaries, but if you have to select just a few, here are the festival’s recommendations:

KATYN (KatyÅ?) dir. Andrzej Wajda (drama 2007, 117â??)
KATYN is a drama that touches a very sensitive historical topic â?? one of the biggest crimes against the Polish nation in the history. The film shows the truth about the massacre on Polish soldiers that took place in Katyn in April and May 1940, where twenty-two thousands of Polish men were executed by the Russian soldiers following the orders of Stalin. For years the truth about the massacre was â??protectedâ?? by the communist regime. This tragedy affected thousands of Polish families of the victims who for years had to live with awareness of not only a great harm, but also a cynical lie. ANDRZEJ WAJDA is one of the most recognized Polish directors and recipient of multiple film awards and awards for lifetime achievement, including Academy Award in 2000 for five decades of extraordinary film direction. KATYN received an Oscar nomination in 2008. View the full Synopsis

Twist of Fate
TWIST OF FATE (Korowód) dir. Jerzy Stuhr (drama 2007, 112â??)
TWIST OF FATE, the newest drama of Jerzy Stuhr, is a story of two Polish generations: contemporary students and their parents who cannot come to an agreement in their judgment of history and their moral dilemmas. The film is a story of an individual in his moral perplexities, life changing actions and searching for answers. View the full Synopsis

Meet our special guests in person: Jerzy Stuhr and Jacek Bromski!
Every year, we are honored to welcome at the Polish Film Festival some of the countryâ??s leading and most respected actors, directors and producers.
This year, we are meeting with the screen writer and director, Jacek Bromski during the screening of his new movie GODâ??S LITTLE GARDEN (Nov 9, 6PM).

This year, we are meeting with the screen writer and director, Jacek Bromski during the screening of his new movie GODâ??S LITTLE GARDEN (Nov 9, 6PM). We are also delighted to welcome one of the biggest â??iconsâ?? of the Polish cinematography, Jerzy Stuhr â?? actor, director who contributed tremendously to development of the Polish theatre and film. You can meet him at the screening of his new movie TWIST OF FATE on November 14 and during an evening gathering on November 13, at 7.30PM. Donâ??t forget: this meeting will take place at the Anya Tish Gallery at 4411 Montrose Blvd. in Houston. We hope to welcome you there!Bromski and Lenczewski

Twist of Fate  Tisch