Angelika x3: “Slumdog” causes a stir – opens tomorrow

November 11, 2008


It’s no surprise that Fox Searchlight’s SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (opening soon at 3 Angelika locations), winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, is gaining incredible recognition and attention from the press. In fact it is what Time calls “A Buoyant hymn to life…”. Even more passionately, Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers says it is “One of the year’s best films. What I feel for this movie isnâ??t just admiration; it’s mad love.”SLUMDOG is also getting coverage in unexpected places.

According to a recent AdAge article, some companies have requested that their products (with no “product placement” deals involved) simply be excluded or disguised in the film. Director Danny Boyle went to such great lengths to authentically show the gritty slums of Mumbai that certain brands, like Coke and Mercedes, wanted out. According to an 11/08 article in Variety, the film gained an R rating for “overall intensity”, but many intense films proudly feature and profit from products in their story line.

How can SLUMDOG, which inspires “mad love” in reviewers and film festival goers, inspire mad fear in advertisers? Find out, starting tomorrow:

11/12: Angelika New York
11/21: Angelika Plano
12/19: Angelika Houston