Behind the Scenes of THE RAID, part 3

March 29, 2012

Since its Midnight Madness premiere at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, Gareth Evansâ?? new Indonesian action thriller has blown audiences away with its smart storytelling and relentless action. Evans, renowned for 2009â??s MERANTAU, turns intense fight scenes into elaborate production numbers staged in cramped quarters. The plot involves a SWAT team targeting a drug lord on the top floor of a 15â??story tenement, but each floor brings a new challenge. When bullets run out, knives, batons, machetes, and even a light bulb enters the fray. Finally, nothingâ??s left but bare knuckles in handâ??toâ??hand combat.

The filmmakers have bestowed some fantastic video blogs on the internet. Here, they take us through the on-location SWAT team action in the film:

Check out THE RAID this Friday 3/30 at the Angelikas Dallas, Plano, and Hawaii!

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