Big Screen, Big Stage

October 30, 2008


Here at the Angelika we just can’t get enough culture! While we have a fine buffet of indie delights and art house amenities, lately we’ve also been hungry for some repertory fare.

In Houston, we partnered with the folks at the Alley Theatre and, in conjunction with their current productions, screened one-night showings of CYRANO DE BERGERAC and ROXANNE this month.

In New York, we’re teaming up with the Bleecker Street Theatre to help promote the ever witty and charming Mike Birbiglia in his new show (and theatrical debut!) SLEEPWALK WITH ME. Produced by Nathan Lane, the show explores Mike’s hilarious and personal struggles with sleepwalking.

Having seen Mike at a stand up gig recently, I’m looking forward to what is sure to be a fantastic show.