BRÃ?NO opens at the Village East Cinema/Angelika Dallas, Houston

July 10, 2009

Bruno Village East Borat

With an unprecedented number of publicity stunts, photo shoots, press reactions and close to 100,000 RSVPs on Facebook to “vatch mein Movie”, BRÃ?NO, in a variety of unusual outfits, takes the country by storm today. The incredibly provocotive and controversial film opened with a midnight show this morning at the Village East Cinema (the Angelika’s sister theater).  Sacha Baron Cohen/Brüno appearances are rumored around NYC theaters today and advance tickets are available for tonight’s shows here.

The film has been both embraced and criticized by the gay community, called by some a timely dissection of homophobia, by others a reinforcement of stereotypes. Love it or hate it, BRÃ?NO, sparking controversy and debate in all his spandex glory, is a must see for 2009.