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Vote Now for December’s CryBaby Matinees

November 21, 2008



The Angelika presents the CryBaby Matinee:
Relax and enjoy a film without worrying about feedings in the dark or unexpected hissyfits.
We keep the lights dimmed, the sound volume down and the films coming.
Baby changing table provided!

 Choose the film you most want to see this coming month at your Angelika!


Angelika Dallas: TWILIGHT mania!

November 19, 2008


Thursday, November 20, 2008 is a day that will go down in Angelika history and perhaps vampire history too! One of the most highly anticipated films this year will open Thursday 11/20 for midnight screenings at the Angelika Film center, and weâ??re prepared for the madness.  With all the recent vampire mania (TRUE BLOOD, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN), TWILIGHT has been selling out in pre-sales for weeks.

Lucky for you (and all your vampire friends) the Angelika Dallas still has tickets available for the midnight flick on Thursday 11/20. Get your tickets now before we sell out!

Donâ??t feel like burning the candle at both ends Thursday?  No problem!  Come see TWILIGHT Friday night 11/21, bring your camera and take a picture with Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, live and in the flesh! 

The Angelika will host two character look-alikes in the lobby from 7 pm â?? 11 pm, available for photos and swooning, and we will also paint vampire bites on the necks of the willing.

Donâ??t miss it!  This will be an unforgettable weekend.


November 15, 2008


Most people I speak to in New York are somewhat surprised to hear that we have not one, but three Angelika locations in Texas. I suppose, being isolated on this little island, we sometimes forget about the indie/art seekers outside of Manhattan. I’m happy to reveal that Angelika films can also be found on another island location: Honolulu.

Consolidated Theatre’s Kahala 8 is proud to introduce art, independent and foreign films to Honolulu, in conjunction with the Angelika Film Center!

Angelika x3: “Slumdog” causes a stir – opens tomorrow

November 11, 2008


It’s no surprise that Fox Searchlight’s SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (opening soon at 3 Angelika locations), winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, is gaining incredible recognition and attention from the press. In fact it is what Time calls “A Buoyant hymn to life…”. Even more passionately, Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers says it is “One of the year’s best films. What I feel for this movie isnâ??t just admiration; it’s mad love.”SLUMDOG is also getting coverage in unexpected places.

According to a recent AdAge article, some companies have requested that their products (with no “product placement” deals involved) simply be excluded or disguised in the film. Director Danny Boyle went to such great lengths to authentically show the gritty slums of Mumbai that certain brands, like Coke and Mercedes, wanted out. According to an 11/08 article in Variety, the film gained an R rating for “overall intensity”, but many intense films proudly feature and profit from products in their story line.

How can SLUMDOG, which inspires “mad love” in reviewers and film festival goers, inspire mad fear in advertisers? Find out, starting tomorrow:

11/12: Angelika New York
11/21: Angelika Plano
12/19: Angelika Houston

Angelika Dallas, Houston and Plano: SYNECDOCHE, NY – Opens today!

November 7, 2008

Kaufman’s SYNECDOCHE, NY opens November 7 at the Angelika Dallas & Angelika Houston and on November 14 at the Angelika Plano.

In Dallas, Charlie Kaufman graciously stopped by while promoting his directorial debut.
The film stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Samantha Morton, Cahterine Keener, Michelle Williams, and Emily Watson.

Read Tom Maurstad’s Review in The Dallas Morning News
Read Amy Biancolli’s Review and Eric Harrison’s Interview in the Houston Chronicle 

Charlie is wished a Bon Voyage by Angelika publicist, Jo Ellen Brantferger
Kaufman and JO

Charlie chats with Chase at Gordon and the Whale
Watch the Interview

Charlie talks with Gary Cogill of WFAA-TV (ABC)
Watch the Interview
 Kaufman news

Angelika Houston: 11th Polish Film Festival!

November 6, 2008

11th PFF
The Angelika Film Center in Houston is proud to host the
11th Polish Film Festival, starting this week!

See below for details, click here for the full schedule.

Date: November 7, 9, 14, 16 & 17, 2008
Venue:  Angelika Film Center Houston, 510 Texas Avenue (@ Smith St.) Houston, TX 77002
Tickets: General Admission: $10 – Seniors/Students: $8 (Available at the door)
Organizer: Zbigniew Wojciechowski, PolStage Productions (contact tel. 281 565-0499)

Summary: The Polish Film Festival celebrates 11 years! Like every year, this yearâ??s program features some of the best recent film productions of the Polish cinematography, including Academy Award nominee – historical drama KATYN by Andrzej Wajda (screening on Nov 7).

Also, you canâ??t miss the film TWIST OF FATE, directed by one of the icons of the Polish cinema Jerzy Stuhr. You will be able to meet the actor/director personally after the film screening on Nov 14 or during the evening with the author at Anya Tish Gallery on Nov 13. Polish Film Festival is an event that brings you closer to the Polish culture, its rich history, colorful mentality, and huge talent. Simply, an event you canâ??t miss!

Click here for the full schedule

Fri, November 7, 2008
8:00PM KATYN (KatyÅ?) dir. Andrzej Wajda (drama 2007, 117â??) – see synopsis below!
10:00PM ONE MORE TIME (Jeszcze Raz) dir. Mariusz Malec (comedy 2008, 91′)

Sun, November 9, 2008
6:00PM GODâ??S LITTLE GARDEN (U Pana Boga w Ogródku) dir. Jacek Bromski (comedy 2007, 115â??)
Meeting with the director J. Bromski after the screening
8:00PM SOLIDARITY, SOLIDARITY (SolidarnoÅ?Ä?, SolidarnoÅ?Ä?) dir. among others Jacek Bromski, Filip Bajon, Andrzej Wajda (drama/comedy 2005, 113â??)Thu, November 13, 2008
7:30PM Meeting and discussion with â??iconâ?? of the Polish film, Jerzy Stuhr, actor/director
Special Venue: Anya Tish Gallery (4411 Montrose Blvd., Houston)

Fri, November 14, 2008
8:00PM THE BIG ANIMAL (Duże Zwierze) dir. Jerzy Stuhr (comedy 2000, 73â??)
9:30PM TWIST OF FATE (Korowód) dir. Jerzy Stuhr (drama 2007, 112â??) – see synopsis below!
Meeting with the director J. Stuhr after the screening

Sun, November 16, 2008
6:00PM THREE BUDDIES (Trzech Kumpli) dir. Ewa Stankiewicz (documentary 2008)
LEJDIS (Lejdis) dir. Tomasz Konecki (comedy 2008, 139′)
8:00PM LEJDIS (Lejdis) dir. Tomasz Konecki (comedy 2008, 139′)

Mon, November 17, 2008
7:00PM 13 YEARS, 13 MINUTES (13 Lat, 13 Minut) dir. Marek Maldis (documentary 2007, 49′)
WEARING A FOUR-CORNERED CAP AND A TIGER SKIN (W Rogatywce i Tygrysiej Skórze) dir. Jerzy Lubach (documentary 2008, 56â??)
9:00PM MIDNIGHT TALKS (Rozmowy NocÄ?) dir. Maciej Zak (romantic comedy 2008, 91â??)

This year, the 11th Polish Film Festival will present a variety of best Polish films, including dramas, historical dramas, comedies and documentaries, but if you have to select just a few, here are the festival’s recommendations:

KATYN (KatyÅ?) dir. Andrzej Wajda (drama 2007, 117â??)
KATYN is a drama that touches a very sensitive historical topic â?? one of the biggest crimes against the Polish nation in the history. The film shows the truth about the massacre on Polish soldiers that took place in Katyn in April and May 1940, where twenty-two thousands of Polish men were executed by the Russian soldiers following the orders of Stalin. For years the truth about the massacre was â??protectedâ?? by the communist regime. This tragedy affected thousands of Polish families of the victims who for years had to live with awareness of not only a great harm, but also a cynical lie. ANDRZEJ WAJDA is one of the most recognized Polish directors and recipient of multiple film awards and awards for lifetime achievement, including Academy Award in 2000 for five decades of extraordinary film direction. KATYN received an Oscar nomination in 2008. View the full Synopsis

Twist of Fate
TWIST OF FATE (Korowód) dir. Jerzy Stuhr (drama 2007, 112â??)
TWIST OF FATE, the newest drama of Jerzy Stuhr, is a story of two Polish generations: contemporary students and their parents who cannot come to an agreement in their judgment of history and their moral dilemmas. The film is a story of an individual in his moral perplexities, life changing actions and searching for answers. View the full Synopsis

Meet our special guests in person: Jerzy Stuhr and Jacek Bromski!
Every year, we are honored to welcome at the Polish Film Festival some of the countryâ??s leading and most respected actors, directors and producers.
This year, we are meeting with the screen writer and director, Jacek Bromski during the screening of his new movie GODâ??S LITTLE GARDEN (Nov 9, 6PM).

This year, we are meeting with the screen writer and director, Jacek Bromski during the screening of his new movie GODâ??S LITTLE GARDEN (Nov 9, 6PM). We are also delighted to welcome one of the biggest â??iconsâ?? of the Polish cinematography, Jerzy Stuhr â?? actor, director who contributed tremendously to development of the Polish theatre and film. You can meet him at the screening of his new movie TWIST OF FATE on November 14 and during an evening gathering on November 13, at 7.30PM. Donâ??t forget: this meeting will take place at the Anya Tish Gallery at 4411 Montrose Blvd. in Houston. We hope to welcome you there!Bromski and Lenczewski

Twist of Fate  Tisch

Village East NY: Meet the winner of our latest contest!

October 31, 2008


Meet Charles, winner of our marathon story contest! See Charles’ story (here) about his experience with the 2007 New York City Marathon, the very event chronicled in RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Just like Fred Lebow, whose sweat and determination lead to the creation of the NYC Marathon, Charles acknowledges the incredible strength of his running community.

Charles and a guest will attend the film, playing this week at the Village East Cinema!


“Not training as hard as last year, I was happy to complete the Sunday race with a time of 4:07:09, beating last year’s time by 26 seconds! â?¦. as unique Chinese guy, and one of the few Triathletes on the team (there are more than 100 members on the team, some of them are at the professional level, fifty percent are Marathon runners), I am proud of my Chinese background and won respect and a lot of support from my running fellows. I have received many mails from my friends, professors and colleagues in the US, China…from all over the world in the Marathon weeks. Thanks for all the support and encouragement; your support is the best gift to me.

What I wish for you is – as my teammate Martin said – “Turn them all into runners!” Next time you visit me in New York City, or I visit you in your city, let’s run together to share our running story!”