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Angelika Dallas: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2008

A handful of willing employees at the Angelika Dallas dressed up today and, amazingly, allowed themselves to be photographed and syndicated!

Considering that I would have come to work dressed as a circuit board (web geeks have so little imagination), I’m impressed with their range of vibrant costumes! If you think you can top them, send us your 2008 Halloween Costume photo (extra points for indie film characters)! We may concede defeat and post your costume on the blog!







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Big Screen, Big Stage

October 30, 2008


Here at the Angelika we just can’t get enough culture! While we have a fine buffet of indie delights and art house amenities, lately we’ve also been hungry for some repertory fare.

In Houston, we partnered with the folks at the Alley Theatre and, in conjunction with their current productions, screened one-night showings of CYRANO DE BERGERAC and ROXANNE this month.

In New York, we’re teaming up with the Bleecker Street Theatre to help promote the ever witty and charming Mike Birbiglia in his new show (and theatrical debut!) SLEEPWALK WITH ME. Produced by Nathan Lane, the show explores Mike’s hilarious and personal struggles with sleepwalking.

Having seen Mike at a stand up gig recently, I’m looking forward to what is sure to be a fantastic show.



CONTEST- Village East NY: Run for Your Life

October 28, 2008

Run For Your Life

With the New York City Marathon a mere four days away, the Village East Cinema is proud to feature RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (opens 10/29 – synopsis here). To celebrate, we’re giving away a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS for the best Marathon story submitted between 10/28 and 10/31!

Simply send us your best marathon/running story (200 words or less) and a you could attend the show FREE between the evenings of 10/31-11/06 at the Village East Cinema.
See official rules and instructions below – send all submissions to

Not a Writer? get your TICKETS here

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Angelika New York: Let the Right One In

October 24, 2008

Let the right one in

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (or a coffin), you’re well aware that Vampires are everywhere. Twilight (coming to the big screen next month) and True Blood (HBO’s new hit) are gaining a lot of attention. Not to be outdone, we at the Angelika have our own vampire!
LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, from Swedish director Tomas Alfredson, opens tonight at the Angelika Film Center New York (synopsis below). Come out to the Angelika tonight, grab some popcorn and bring your garlic salt…


Swedish director Tomas Alfredson brings the best-selling novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist to life in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Per Ragnar and Mikael Rahm (AS IT IS IN HEAVEN) star in this exploration of adolescent friendship, love and rejection. Oskar (Kare Hedebrant), a misfit 12-year old frequently beaten by bullies, fantasizes about revenge until a mysterious, young girl moves in next door (Lina Leandersson).
Oskarâ??s new friend teaches him to stand up to his aggressors, but as a host of unexplained deaths shock the town, he begins to wonder just how much she is capable of. 

At The Angelika Blog: Up and Running!

October 21, 2008

CRYBABY MATINEEThe Angelika Blog is back after an unplanned and lengthy summer vacation. To reward our faithful readers (who’ve by now memorized our “stick your head in a bag” post), we bring you:

We’re a bit caught up in the spirit of democracy. Starting this week, you can get involved in Angelika programming (thanks to one of our faithful CBM goers for the suggestion)!
(click here for film information)


The BAGHEAD contest – win $100 worth of Cinemoney!

July 28, 2008

If you thought our SEX AND THE CITY contest was too intense, too much work, or you just flat out hated the whole martini-drenched debacle, the Angelika has got a new contest for you!

BAGHEAD, a witty, tongue-in-cheek horror story from PUFFY CHAIR writer-director duo Mark and Jay Duplass, centers on a stalker whose favorite method of enforcing terror is no more complicated than lurking around with a brown paper bag covering his face.

We think there is genius in simplicity, and that said, have launched our very own Baghead contest. Click the thumbnail below to view the official flyer, but we’re basically looking for a photo or video of the most creative Baghead you can think of. Wear one to work, shop at the grocery store, recite a poem about your groceries – whatever you want to do. Just remember, we can’t be held responsible for any less-than-desirable reactions! Send your submissions to by 11:59pm on Thursday, August 7th for a chance to win, and become an Angelika blog star! (Albeit, if you’re following the contest rules, no one will know who you are…)

BAGHEAD opens August 8th at the Angelika Dallas and Houston. Check for advance tickets and showtimes!

Click here to view the official flyer:

Official Contest Rules:

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July 25, 2008

In our craftiest interview to date [see if you can figure out why…], we sit down with brothers Mark & Jay Duplass, the writer/director duo behind the upcoming film BAGHEAD. Entertaining and kind of off-beat, the Duplasses chat with us about why they decided to make a movie about a dude with a bag on his head. Watch below, and don’t miss BAGHEAD, opening at the Angelika Dallas and Houston on August 8.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]


July 23, 2008

Writer/director Nanette Burstein, the mastermind behind this summer’s much anticipated documentary AMERICAN TEEN, sat down with us during a trip to Dallas. Winner of the 2008 Sundance Directing Award, Burstein’s film is an innovative and often hilarious documentary set in small-town Indiana, and follows four real-life high school prototypes â?? the jock, the popular girl, the emo-kid and the geek â?? through their senior year of high school.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

AMERICAN TEEN opens on August 1 at the Angelika Dallas and Plano – Don’t miss it!

A MAN NAMED PEARL – Q&A with director Scott Galloway.

July 9, 2008

A MAN NAMED PEARL is the story of Pearl Fryar, a prolific topiary artist in the small town of Bishopville, South Carolina. Fryar, who comes across as one of the most giving and sincere (not to mention talented) people on film in quite a while, was courteous enough to chat with us, as was director Scott Galloway about the making of the documentary. Both men will also be at the Angelika New York on July 18th (opening night) for an additional Q&A with the audience, and we really recommend that you go – A MAN NAMED PEARL is a refreshingly genuine story that may just renew your faith in the human spirit.


Scott Galloway, Director

Q: How did you first hear about Pearl’s garden, and why did you think it warranted its own documentary?

A: I owned a production company and we produced a show for the Turner network on the best gardens of the south. One of the four featured stories was Pearl Fryarâ??s topiary garden. My good friend Brent Pierson produced the piece and he called me at the end of the shoot and said, â??Thereâ??s more to this guyâ??s story than five minutes of television will allow.â? I was a bit skeptical. You hear that occasionally from a producer right after a shoot and over time their enthusiasm wanes. But Brent is different. Heâ??s an excellent story-teller and he didnâ??t relent. Every two or three weeks heâ??d bring up Pearl. â??You have to go down and see him. He lives just two hours from Charlotte. Iâ??ll fly out from Los Angeles.â? Finally, I agreed to a weekend in Bishopville.

Q: What was your first impression of Pearl?
A: I remember getting out of the car in front of the Fryar home as Pearl stood watching. My first impression was, â??This guyâ??s in amazing shape!â? We shook hands and his hands are huge and strong. I also learned early on that Pearl was, by his own admission, â??old school.â? He told me, â??If you feel you have to email me, email me your phone number.â? One other old school exampleâ?¦ We went straight into his dining room for our initial talk. In the Fryar home the dining room is next to the front door. Pearlâ??s wife Metra made us tea. Not two minutes into our conversation someone knocked on the front door. Pearl turned to the kitchen and said, â??Metra, door.â? She came from the kitchen through the Dining Room and answered the front door. Nowâ?¦if we were in my home and I had that proximity and yelled, â??Monica, door.â? Not only would she not answer the doorâ?¦

Q: In the film, Pearl comes across as completely sincere and full of genuine passion and goodwill – did you know in advance how well his personality would translate to film?
A: He was really good in the Turner piece. You could see it then, and certainly recognize it in person, heâ??s a commanding presence. His message of peace, love and goodwill is very important to him. It is a message he passionately and genuinely believes. There really werenâ??t any concerns that it would translate. When you see him with kids or visiting groups it really comes across.

Q: Although there is a prominent horticulture/topiary theme throughout, A MAN NAMED PEARL ends up being just as much a showcase of Pearl as a human being as it does of his incredible talent for topiary – did you intend for that from the beginning?
A: The short answer – yes. The longer answer – because this is one my favorite questions to field – is the followingâ?¦ In my first meeting with Pearl we sat in his dining room for well over an hour â?? maybe two hours. He spent the first thirty minutes talking about his love of children, particularly children that come from the projects, broken families â?? the kids that donâ??t have any opportunities. Pearl referred to them as â??kids that society overlooks.â? As he talked about nurturing and encouraging these children through various programs he runs, I looked out onto his front yard marveling at the beautiful works of art that towered more than 30 feet above. And then I had a bit of an epiphany. The plants in Pearlâ??s yard were initially rescued from a trash dump behind the Bishopville city nursery. These were plants that nursery goers didnâ??t want – plants that were overlooked. Pearl took plants from the trash heap, planted them, restored them to health and then shaped them into beautiful works of art. When I made that first allegorical connection I knew we had a film. Pearlâ??s garden is absolutely amazing but the gardener is even more so. The garden would provide stunning visuals, the story would be Pearlâ??s.

Q: The South Carolina community where Pearl lives seems very small-town and a tad old-fashioned – how did they react when you told them you would be filming a documentary about them?
A: Bishopville is a small, sleepy southern town. It actually looks old-fashioned. The signage on the pharmacy and stores is right out of the 1950s. The town welcomes visitors with a sign that proclaims: â??Bishopville home of Heisman Trophy winner â??Docâ? Blanchard.â? â??Docâ? Blanchard won the Heisman in 1945! There are places like the Yogi Bear barbecue joint (Iâ??m not kidding), and the cotton fields right off the main roads that definitely take you back. I write all this to illustrate the point that Bishopville has stagnated. As is mentioned in the film, the mechanization of the farm industry and the decline of textiles and tobacco have taken a toll. The community believes in Pearl. They are excited for him and hopeful that his story will revive the community. Chamber of Commerce Director Ronnie Williams arranged for our crew to have free accommodations at the local fire houseâ?¦the FORMER fire house. Ronnie and his wife made us dinner. Pearlâ??s neighbors often made lunch for the crew. We were able to get our shots on high from a bucket truck donated by a local cable company. We all really enjoyed the people of Bishopville. They are a great group. It is a tight-knit community, remarkably positive given the financial hardships they face.

Q: Were you nervous to show the finished product to Pearl?
A: Pearl saw the film for the first time in Bishopville in an auditorium at the Lee County High School. We brought in a projector and audio equipment â?? there are no movie theaters in Bishopville. Was I nervous? Somewhat, but not completely. We worked hard to tell Pearlâ??s story as accurately as possible. We spent a lot of time documenting his family, friends and neighbors just as they areâ?¦even down to the pace and rhythms of Bishopville. That written, I sat several rows away from Pearl and looked over at him many, many times during that first screening.

A MAN NAMED PEARL opens July 18th at the Angelika New York, and August 22nd at the Angelikas Dallas and Houston.