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And so it begins…SEX AND THE CITY craziness invades internet and earth

May 6, 2008


Love it, hate it….pretend to hate it but really love it… whatever your feeling is, there’s a good chance you probably feel something about the upcoming SEX AND THE CITY movie. But if you’re still undecided, it seems that it won’t be too tough to find ample assistance in making up your mind. The first reviews, articles and “extended teasers” have popped-up this week, showing early signs of what’s bound to be a havoc-reeking Gucci-storm of reviews, press and non-stop media coverage until the May 30th premiere. called it “the Neiman Marcus catalog on steroids”, which, depending on your interests/values/opinion of steroids, is [intentionally?] vague and kind of indeterminate. New York Magazine also ran a feature-story on Sarah Jessica Parker in which they conclude that she is a total down to earth New Yorker- mom-at-the-playground lady who acts and “looks her age” (although the cover-photo seems to indicate she is still smitten with her favorite “glam-freak” Carrie Bradshaw pose), and YouTube has come upon a four-and-a-half minute sneak peak/press junket extravaganza that might have uber-fans tripping over their Manolos on the way to be first at the box office.

Glamorous, fun movie-version of the best television series ever created? It’s too early to say, but either way, you should probably still check it out, or risk feeling socially irrelevant until mid-June.

SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE opens Friday, May 30 at the Angelika Dallas & Houston and at the Cinemas 1,2,3 and East 86th St. Cinemas in NYC.

Full articles/video at:,2933,354130,00.html

New Clips from BLOODLINE

May 5, 2008

Director Bruce Burgess’ controversial new film investigates the existence of a Jesus Christ/Mary Magdalene bloodline, a subject that has been at the head of a swirling debate for centuries. Below are two clips from Burgess and his film crew.

The first follows an exploration into underground tomb in the mountains of the Languedoc region of southwest France has been discovered, which may help substantiate the existence of a Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene bloodline.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

The second features Bruce Burgess as he reflects on his meetings with members of the Priory of Sion.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

BLOODLINE opens May 9 at the Village East Cinema.


Q&A with TRACEY FRAGMENTS director Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald directs Academy Award nominated it-girl Ellen Page in the explosive TRACEY FRAGMENTS. The film follows Page as an emotionally unstable teenager navigating through a dangerous urban metropolis in search of her missing younger brother. Creatively edited in split-screen style, some have called this surreal story a modern day CATCHER IN THE RYE – McDonald takes a second to elaborate on that as well as some of our other questions below. THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS opens May 9 at the Village East Cinema.


Q: Did you have Ellen Page in mind to play Tracey before officially beginning the casting process?
A: We auditioned many actresses. Ellen was always on the radar. We met in person and discussed our mutual admiration for Patti Smith and the search was over.

Q: Do you think the success of JUNO will help draw new Ellen fans to the this film?
A: JUNOâ??s success will definitely draw new audiences of Ellen Page admirers to The Tracey Fragments much in the same way Rolling Stones fans herded toward Jean Luc Goddard when Godard made 1+1 Symphony For The Devil in 1968.

Q: How would you describe Tracey as a character?
A: She is whip smart, moody and romantic, she tends to exaggeraate everything which is a nice way to say sheâ??s a bit of a liar. Tracey is Patti Smith at 15 years old.

Q: Maureen Medved, who wrote the original novel, also wrote the screenplay â?? was she quick to jump on board? What was her opinion about turning the novel into a film?
A: I optioned the novel by sending Maureen my cowboy boots in the mail â?? express â?? Toronto to Vancouver. The boots secured the deal and Maureen hesitated not for a moment on writing the screenplay. She had a very clear plan for the adaptation from novel to screen. She knew which large chunks of the novel to leave aside. Maureen has seen every film ever made â?? except for Crash (II), Far from the Madding Crowd and Ang Leeâ??s first movie. She understood that the book and the movie are completely different mediums and the best adaptations are often quite different from the original source.

Q: It seems like there have been a lot of films recently that focus on teenagers dealing with very serious, adult-like problems (JUNO, PARANOID PARK)â?¦ THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS is no exceptionâ?¦ do you think this reflects at all on the state of the youth, or what it might actually mean to be fifteen?
A: Yes. These are all films made by people who listen well, who are trying to receive and channel that teenage world rather than trying to create the usual â?? and rather entertaining teenage worlds of Frankie Avalon, Josie and the Pussycats, The Brady Bunch, John Hughes movies, Hanna Montana or Britney Spears. Tracey has a lot more in common with Holden Caulfield in The Catcher In The Rye than she does with Hermione or Harry of the Harry Potter franchise.

Q: Why did you choose the band Broken Social Scene to score the film?
A: They are my favorite band. I love their music.

Q: What are you hoping audiences take from the story?
A: I hope the audiences take some hope from the story and some deeper respect for the wild and crazy- beautiful struggle of what it is to be fifteen.

The Visitor

April 9, 2008


THE VISITOR’S writer/director Thomas McCarthy (THE STATION AGENT) and star Richard Jenkins stopped by the Angelika Dallas, rounding out our recent press tour and giving us some inside info about the making of their upcoming film. Watch the video below.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

THE VISITOR opens at the Angelika Dallas & Plano on Friday, May 2.

Snow Angels

April 7, 2008

SNOW ANGELS writer/director David Gordon Green and star Sam Rockwell stop by the Angelika couch for a quick interview. Watch below.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

Catch SNOW ANGELS now at the Angelika Dallas.

Not your average chorus

Young @ Heart is a senior citizen’s choir group. They have been described as “old fogies singin’ songs”, but they aren’t singing Mary Had a Little Lamb. Tackling Kid Rock, Coldplay, The Clash, The Ramones and some choice disco, these folks are not the grandparents next door.

Two lovely choir members, Dora B. Morrow and Jack Schnepp, choral director Bob Cilman and the film’s director Stephen Walker, stopped off at the Angelika Dallas during a press tour to answer a few of our questions. Watch what they had to say below.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

YOUNG@HEART opens at the Angelika Dallas & Plano on Friday, April 18. Seriously, don’t miss it.


Water Lilies is not appropriate for toddlers.


The hormones just about drip off the screen in WATER LILIES (NAISSANCE DES PIEUVRES), a sexually charged story about teenage French girls coming of age and wrestling, both literally and figuratively, with hetero and homosexual urges. Set amid an all-girls synchronized water ballet group, the film abounds in locker room and shower scenes populated by pubescent girls in various states of undress. Dirty old (and young) men and lesbians of every stripe will be the enthusiastic audience for this ravishing, painfully perceptive depiction of sexual awakenings among the young and the horny.

WATER LILIES, directed by Céline Sciamma, opens at the Angelika Houston and the Angelika Dallas on Friday, June 27.

Angelika Plano Celebrates 3 Years!

March 28, 2008


The Angelika Film Center & Café at The Shops at Legacy celebrates its third year in operation as North Texasâ?? most upscale and stylish boutique cinema devoted to independent and specialty film. The Angelikaâ??s elegant interior, comfortable auditoriums featuring leather seating, and uncompromising standards of service make the Angelika Plano the cinema of choice for even the most discriminating filmgoers.


Originally hesitant to open an Angelika in a suburb, as its other locations are located in major metropolitan centers such as New York Cityâ??s fashionable Soho district, Ellen Cotter, Chief Operating Officer of Angelika Film Center & Café, was soon convinced that the sophisticated demographic in Plano and Collin County, together with a first class mixed use development, would create the perfect setting for an Angelika. â??The Shops at Legacy offers our guests a similar all-inclusive environment of shopping, award-winning restaurants, and exciting lounges and entertainment options that normally are only found in big cities,â? says Cotter, â??The Shops at Legacy was a natural choice for the Angelikaâ??s fourth location.â? Cotter says that filmgoers this season will be pleasantly surprised with the unique lineup of films scheduled for 2008. Some of the upcoming features include Smart People starring Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ellen Page, Priceless starring Audrey Tautou, The Life Before Her Eyes starring Uma Thurman, Then She Found Me starring Colin Firth, among other exciting upcoming titles.


Terry Welch, General Manager of the Angelika, along with cinema industry veteran Tim Taylor, who is Vice President of the company, say to look for a new and improved café menu with an expansive new selection of fine wines along with enticing new appetizers and light fare coming soon.


Ideal for any social or business gathering, the Angelika Film Center & Café is the perfect venue to host a special event. The Angelika offers state of the art technical equipment, a dedicated event planner and a professional and courteous staff to ensure that any meeting or event is a success.


For more information, please visit

Jared Leto answers a few questions about his new film, CHAPTER 27

March 26, 2008




Q: How did you become involved in the production side of CHAPTER 27? Were you cast in the role first, or were you involved in production from the beginning?

A: It all happened simultaneously. It was an unique opportunity to participate in a different way. But my main focus was the definitely the role. Secondary was helping, if I could, to bring the directors vision to life. The producers were very kind to let me apprentice, in a way, throughout the process.

Q: You obviously put on a lot of weight for your role as Mark David Chapman. Was that a difficult decision to make? Why did you choose not to just wear a â??fatsuitâ??

A: It wasn’t a difficult decision at all. I would say the difficulty came after the decision was made. It was important to take on the physical challenges of this transformational experience as well as the psychological/emotional. The weight helped indicate many things about the character for me. Although it was a very important and obvious part of the process it was still just one part of the overall journey. And one that I am definitely very happy to be finished with.

Q: You also adopted a sort of whiny, southern accent for the role. Did you have to watch footage of Mark David Chapman to really take on his persona accurately?

A: His voice was very specific. Jarrett and I spent a lot of time discussing his voice and the importance of including it in the performance. I spend most days for months listening to archival tapes and interviews of his voice. Also while in Decatur, Georgia I found someone who had a very similar accent. That proved invaluable.

Yes, archival footage was very important and very helpful. It taught me a lot about who he was. I studied everything I could about his behavior from the inside to the out.

Q: Why do you think CHAPTER 27 documented only the weekend before John Lennonâ??s murder as opposed to delving further into MDCâ??s life or psyche?

A: Probably best to ask director Jarrett Schaefer about this but he had a very specific vision for the film which I thought was incredibly interesting and non-traditional.

CHAPTER 27 opens this Friday, March 28 at the Angelika New York. Leto will be attending the 8:00pm and 10:20pm shows on both Friday, 3/28 and Saturday, 3/29. Don’t miss it!