Dominic Cooper on his two roles in THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE

August 5, 2011

THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE opens today at the Angelikas Dallas and Plano, and this over-the-top film has one obvious takeaway: Sadadm Hussein’s son Uday was a violent, gluttonous, unstable man who killed a lot of people with little cause and spent 90% of his time partying. Underneath that, however, is a complex snapshot of the intense situation in Iraq in the early 90s carried by Dominic Cooper’s portrayalf of both Uday and his body double, Latif Yahia. We sat down with Mr. Cooper last week to discuss the difficulties of his two roles, video below:

Catch this thoroughly entertaining gangster flick this weekend at Dallas or Plano — what better way to avoid the Iraq-desert-like Texas heat?