[Film Festival] Bernie Q&A / DIFF 2012

May 25, 2012

Skip Hollandsworth speaks to Dallas International Film Festival goers about his inspiration for and experience in the making of BERNIE:

Iconic indie filmmaker Richard Linklater (BEFORE SUNSET, DAZED AND CONFUSED) and screenwriter Skip Hollandsworth deliver a witty and affectionate black comedy about small-town Texas in BERNIE. Based on fact, the film tells of a well-liked, warm-hearted mortician (Jack Black) suddenly accused of murder. Shirley MacLaine plays the town’s richest and most hated citizen, while Matthew McConaughey is a spotlight-craving prosecutor who hopes the case will make him a media celebrity. All three stars have been winning raves at international film festivals, from London to Los Angeles to Texasâ?? own SXSW.

NOW PLAYING at the Angelikas New York and Plano.