Foreign Language Winner THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES opens 4/16: NYC

March 19, 2010

Secret in their Eyes

2010 Academy Award®: Best Foreign Language Film
This enthralling Argentine thriller from writer/director Juan José Campanella (SAME LOVE, SAME RAIN and SON OF THE BRIDE) earned a 2010 Academy Award® nomination in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Benjamin (Ricardo Darin), a retired lawyer, reunites with judge Irene (Soledad Villamil), with whom he worked long ago, to rehash the brutal case of rape, murder and false conviction he canâ??t purge from his mind. Benjamin tracks down the true killer, but he is confounded when Argentinaâ??s secret police recruit the criminal for their own purposes. THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES weaves subtle political commentary into a rousing crime drama.

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