Furio @ the Angelika

Furio @ the Angelika

What are you seeing today?
Arctic Tale

I read a review in the NYtimes and it intrigued me bc at first it was supposed to be a normal movie about polar bears but then it really kind of turned into a social piece about global warming. All the polar bears are dying and struggling.

Penguins or polar bears?
Polar bears are more cuddly. The beak on the penguin gets in the way of spooning. Never spoon with a penguin. Absolutely. Never be the small spoon. Golden Rule.

What are your other golden rules in life?
No others. I only have them about penguins.

Myspace or facebook?
Myspace. Itâ??s good for musicians.

What are you reading now?
All the Kings Men. A notable book on early American politics…or mid century politics…or something.

Do you get pissed when people donâ??t text you back?
Nothing pisses me off more. So easy. Unless youâ??re dyslexic.

Paris or Lindsay?
Paris. Lindsay Lohan turns my stomach into vomit.

Tupac or Biggie?

Do you believe we should convert to the metric system?
Of course. Everyone else did it. Why do we have to be different from everybody.

What do you think of people who make out at the movies?
If youâ??re a teenager, fine. If youâ??re not, get a room.

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