Get Out Your Short Shorts People

September 19, 2007

QFest is in town (Houston-town)! Their first annual “Show Us Your Shorts Competition Compilation”, featuring 2007’s best queer-themed submissions is just one of the 19 installments that make up this year’s gay-themed festival. Always edgy and relevant, QFest’s lineup includes DAFT PUNK’S ELECTROMA, where the always inventive French electronica duo (think Kanye West’s recent, universally appealing single “Stronger”) try to turn their crazy robotic alter-egos into real flesh and blood. Music fans should also come out for PICK UP THE MIC, an energetic investigation of “homohop” and the tenacious rap-artists keeping the genre alive.

The festival also features an adaptation of the college lit class staple THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, RAY HILL’S PRISON SHOW, a fascinating documentary from gay-rights activist, ex-prison inmate and Houston native Ray Hill, and a few “After Dark” selections that I cannot write about here except to say don’t bring your kids.

QFest begins tomorrow, September 20 and runs through Monday, September 24. For synopses and a full schedule, visit QFest’s official site.

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