Juno – A blogger’s delight.

October 24, 2007


JUNO, penned by famous blogger, author and now screenwriter Diablo Cody, was a hit at this year’s Toronto Film Festival – and it may very well be a result of her long-honed internet savvy. The film’s exceptionally clever script emphasizes all of the aspects of Cody’s writing that made her so popular with a hyper-critical and judiciously judgmental internet audience. In turn, JUNO has been met with unprecendented zeal from web-enthusiasts and indie-film lovers alike, and as pointed out in this article from HollywoodChicago.com, may be the first movie that caters directly to a blogger’s apetite.

Juno opens December 14 @ the Angelika Plano and December 21 the Angelika Houston.

Also, check out Diablo Cody’s blog here.