Lynn Shelton discusses YOUR SISTER’S SISTER

June 25, 2012

We recently sat down with filmmaker Lynn Shelton – and some of our film blog BFFS (including Red Carpet Crash, WhatTheHellDidSheSay, and Pearlsnap Discount) - for a round table discussion about the writer/director/producer’s latest film YOUR SISTER’S SISTER. Following her award winning cult hit HUMPDAY, Lynn Shelton directs Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt (RACHEL GETTING MARRIED), and Mark Duplass (SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, TV series â??The Leagueâ?) in this comedy about romance, grief, and sibling rivalry. Check out the video below for insight into Shelton’s experience bringing the film to life – from an intitial idea from brothers/filmmaking duo Jay and Mark Duplass, to the partially improvised script that bringings honesty and humor to film. Bonus feature: Shelton makes a really charming attempt at saying the title of her film in Spanish.

YOUR SISTER’S SISTER opens this Friday 6/29 at the Angelika Plano, and 7/6 at the Angelika in Hawaii