Recently in Japan, the legendary TOEI Animation Studios have released their thirteenth feature length ONE PIECE film, ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD.  Thanks to its success, it will now will have a limited theatrical run in the states. It’s no secret that the ONE PIECE franchise is one of the most epic stories produced in modern times; it even holds a Guinness World Record for its over 320 million copies published.

There is no better time to jump back in with your favorite pirate crew. Although lately, there have been rumors that series creator, Eiichiro Oda, was going to bring the manga to a close after its historic twenty year run.  However, with the most recent chapter just released and the next looming over the horizon, this seems unlikely!

ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD plays in theaters from January 10, 2017. Tickets are on sale now at Angelika Film Center Carmel Mountain, Angelika Film Center Dallas, Angelika Film Center Mosaic, and Angelika Pop-Up.