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Raise a glass for Sci-Fest!

Every month we celebrate the most iconic Sci-Fi movies by playing your favorite films on the big screen. This month we are adding to the celebration with our new signature classic cocktail menus. Our team of cinema and cocktail experts have cleverly paired each drink with our upcoming Sci-Fest titles. Join us the third Monday every month and Raise a Glass for Sci-Fest!

Here’s an inside look into our movie cocktail pairings:

April 15: DUNE, paired with Bitter Seduction

Kyle MacLachlan plays an intergalactic warrior who rises to leadership in a galaxy where everyone is fighting for the key to life: the spice Melange. Through all the fighting and political maneuvers, the warrior falls in love with the Fremen wife, Chani. We matched this controversial intergalactic romance with our classic cocktail, The Bitter Seduction. This dramatic mix of vodka, orange liquor and orange bitters is the perfect complement to this action-packed journey.

May 20: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, paired with Campari Sunset

Experience the vibrant colors of a close encounter from outer space with our most vibrant cocktail, the Campari Sunset.  Made with orange, Campari and sparkling wine, this refreshing Hawaiian punch cocktail pairs perfectly with the scientific musical discovery.

June 17: THE FORBIDDEN PLANET paired with Forbidden Fruit

Blast to the past with this original Sci-Fi classic, and enjoy our Forbidden Fruit cocktail while Commander John J. Adams explores the forbidden planet. This sparkling cocktail features sweet raspberries, matched with a citrus splash and blended with rum, perfect for the space explorer.

July 15: WESTWORLD, paired with Seeking Stoic

Enjoy the original movie that sparked the popular TV series with our drink that combines the rustic bourbon base of a western with the ginger, lemon and fresh rosemary of a sharp futuristic world. Seeking Stoic is the perfect blend of two worlds, perfect to indulge in while watching this action packed sci-fi frenzy of man versus machine.

August 19: 12 MONKEYS, paired with Punch Drunk Elixir

We matched this sci-fi psychodrama with our Drunk Punch Elixir. Our take on a Mescal Mule, this mix of bold flavors sweeps you away with James Cole as he gets stuck in a mental hospital in search of the origin of a deadly virus. Enjoy the multi-layered story, with the multi-layered flavors of candied-ginger, mescal, and a whisper of lime.

September 16: TOTAL RECALL,  paired with Spice It Up

Our spiciest cocktail will keep you on our toes throughout this jammed packed action dystopian. Matching the color of a distant red planet, this blend or jalapeno, grapefruit juice and tequila mixes into a satisfying bittersweet delight.

October 21: GALAXY QUEST, paired with Steely Blues

Reminisce with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman as they launch into their old TV show in this hysterical sci-fi parody. We matched this underrated comedy with our understated cocktail, Steely Blues. This gin-based drink with whispers of lemon and lavender liquor match the sleek ship these actors must navigate, the stoic outlook of Alan Rickman, and of course the color of the alien’s steely blue uniforms.

November 18: GATTACA, paired with Stardust

Enjoy this seemingly too perfect cocktail while Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman explore a world of genetic perfection who travels to the stars. With a sweet rush of fizzy blueberry and cooling mint leaves, this sparkling wine and gin-based beverage is the height of luxury and mystique, complimenting this thrilling sci-fi masterpiece.

December 16: THE MATRIX, paired with Pomegranate Escape

Escape to the Matrix with our signature cocktail, The Pomegranate Escape. This masterful mixture of sweet pomegranate, gin, a hint of lemon & simple syrup takes you to a world where anything is possible. Where you go from there is up to you.

Enjoy all of our cocktails and raise a Glass to Sci-Fest the Third Monday Every month!