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Signature Cocktails & Retro Classics - 90s Rewind!

This year we are rewinding to the 90s, and bringing you your favorite 90s movies from CLUELESS to GOODFELLAS in our monthly series, 90s Rewind! To celebrate these retro classics, our team of cinema and cocktail experts have created a specialty cocktail menu to pair with each film.

Here’s an inside look at our signature cocktail pairings:

May 1: CLUELESS, paired with Forbidden Fruit

Indulge in our Forbidden Fruit Cocktail, while Cher and Dionne indulge in their high-fashioned teenage lifestyle. This sparkling cocktail is perfect for a girl’s night out, featuring sweet raspberries, matched with a citrus splash and blended with rum.

June 3: THELMA & LOUISE, paired with Rebel with a Cause

Root for these iconic female rebels as they escape the consequences of the patriarchy, while sipping on your own Rebel with a Cause cocktail. Garnished with chili powder, this angsty blend of passion-fruit and tequila packs a punch that pairs perfectly with Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis’ phenomenal performances in this ground-breaking Academy Award winning classic.

July 1: THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, paired with Steely Blues

Let Anthony Hopkins’ award-winning performance as Dr. Hannibal Lecter thrill you while clutching onto our steely blues cocktail. We know Hannibal prefers a nice glass of chianti, but if chianti is not your style, try our understated steely blues gin cocktail with whispers of lavender and lemon, a drink that truly matches the sophistication of this psychological horror.

August 5: THE BODYGUARD, paired with Bitter Seduction

Whitney Houston stars in this musical drama about the star-crossed romance between a pop star and her bodyguard, making it a perfect match for our classic cocktail, The Bitter Seduction. This dramatic blend of vodka, orange liquor and orange bitters will put you under a spell, as Whitney Houston shares her passion through her iconic performance of “And I Will Always Love You.”

September 2: GOODFELLAS paired with Seeking Stoic

Celebrate this all-star cast, including Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci, while sipping on our Seeking Stoic Cocktail. Like Martin Scorsese’s gritty exploration of organized crime, this warm, rustic bourbon-based blend unpacks the dark tension of the mob, while celebrating contemplation and family with notes of ginger, lemon and rosemary.

October 7: SCREAM, paired with Spice it Up

Our spiciest cocktail will keep you on our toes while watching out for “Ghostface” in one of the most bone-chilling satire thrillers of all time. Watch out for this blend or jalapeno, grapefruit juice and tequila, as it mixes into a satisfying bittersweet delight.

November 4: RESERVOIR DOGS, paired with Brand New Day

Explore Quentin Tarantino’s smash hit in the film that pushed his career to the next level, marking him as one of the top directors of the 90s. To celebrate this cinematic achievement, we paired this fresh take on the crime genre. Featuring raw performances from Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth, with our freshest signature cocktail – Brand New Day. This electric mix of gin, lime and ginger liquor is balanced out by fresh cucumbers, making it the most refreshing companion for this action-packed drama.

December 2: DAZED AND CONFUSED – paired with Campari Sunset

Revel in the hysterical joys of summer tomfoolery with this refreshing grown-up Hawaiian Punch cocktail, The Campari Sunset. Made with orange, Campari and sparkling wine, this refreshing vibrant cocktail transports you to the wild summer nights of the bicentennial.

Enjoy all of our cocktails and your favorite 90s classics the First Monday Every month at Angelika Dallas!