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Sip on Signature Cocktails at the Angelika!

Signature Cocktails

An all-new menu of signature, hand-crafted cocktails is now available at the Angelika Carmel Mountain, Angelika Mosaic, Angelika Dallas and Angelika Plano!

The new menu was specially curated by Food Network Chef Santos Loo, and features delights sweet, spicy, smoky, bright.. we’ve got something for everyone.

Take a peek at the new menu:

Campari Sunset

It’s summer all year long with this sweet, refreshing grown-up Hawaiian punch made with orange and Campari and sparkling wine

Taking Care of Business
Hints of fresh lemon and orange juice round out this dark delight made with gin, vermouth and garnished with olives

A sweet rush of fizzy blueberry and cooling mint leaves, this sparkling wine and gin-based beverage is direct from the heavens

Pucker Up
Your lips will pucker (in a good way) when you sip on this lemony-tart sparkling wine garnished with fresh raspberries

Pomegranate Escape
Find your balance in life with this crisp, fresh, just-right blend of sweet pomegranate, gin, a hint of lemon & simple syrup

Brand New Day

Get your relaxation fix and enjoy the clean, crisp and refreshing taste of cucumber, balanced with gin, a splash of lime and ginger liquor

Steely Blues
Whispers of lavender make this understated drink unforgettable; made with gin, a hint of lemon, lavender liquor, and perfect to brighten up a rainy day

Forbidden Fruit
Sweet raspberries reign supreme in this fruity favorite, matched with a citrus splash and blended with rum

Rebel with a Cause
Get what you deserve. This sweet/spicy blend of passion-fruit and tequila is one to fight for; garnished with lemon and tajin to pack that extra punch

Spice it Up
Only the strong survive this bittersweet blend of jalapeno, grapefruit juice and tequila, perfect for spicing up your night

Punch Drunk Elixir
Let yourself get swept away with our take on a Mezcal Mule, with notes of candied-ginger and made with mescal, ginger beer and a whisper of lime

Seeking Stoic
Sit back and ponder the wonders of this warm, rustic bourbon-based blend, featuring notes of ginger, lemon and fresh rosemary

Bitter Seduction
Bitter-orange notes will put you under a spell as you sip on this muddled mix, made with vodka, orange liquor and orange bitters

5, 6, 7, 8
The Dance Captain’s delight. So sweet you’ll be doing jazz hands thanks to this passion fruit punch, shaken with vanilla vodka

Sweet birthday cake, vanilla, and a garnish of rainbow sprinkles makes this the perfect celebration, made with vodka and white chocolate liquor