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The Golden Age of Cocktails

Now Voyager 1942

The Golden Age of Hollywood gave us smash hit classics such as ON THE WATERFRONT to REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. This year we are celebrating these Hollywood gems with our monthly curated series, where we play one Golden Age Classic, introduced by our film historian, John Sittig. To add a dash of drama, our cocktail specialists created specialized drinks for each movie. Join us the 3rd Mondday each month and enjoy our specialty cocktails, along with your favorite classics!

Here’s an inside look into our cocktail pairings:

April 15: THE AFRICAN QUEEN, paired with Brand New Day

Golden Age stars, Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Boggart, embark on a glorious adventure on The African Queen escaping World War II through rough waters and exotic animals. Filmed almost entirely outdoor, this technical masterpiece features glorious scenes of sunlight shimmering on calm water paired with terrifying scenes of tumultuous watery suspense. Splash into their adventure while sipping on our signature cocktail – Brand New Day.  This relaxing mix of cucumber balances with gin and a splash of lime and ginger liquor will get your ready to embark on this dynamic duo’s adventure on the sea.

May 20: ON THE WATERFRONT, paired with our selection of draft beers

Commiserate with Marlon Brando over one of our specialty drafts. Our wide selection of draft beers pair perfectly with Brando’s electrifying Academy Award winning performance that transports you to the Hoboken waterfront. As a bonus, enjoy a boilermaker with Terry and Eddie on their first date with a shot of whiskey, followed by one of our draft beers.

June 17: IMITATION OF LIFE, paired with Steely Blues

Pushing the boundaries of social justice, IMITATION OF LIFE chronicles two widows and their troubled daughters as they struggle to find true happiness amidst racial prejudice. To compliment this compelling drama, sip on a steely blues cocktail. Featuring whispers of lavender, this understated drink; made with gin, a hint of lemon, lavender liquor, is as unforgettable as Juanita Moore and Susan Kohner’s Academy Award Winning performances.

July 15: REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, paired with Rebel With A Cause

Get what you deserve. Watch James Dean explode with teenage angst in his iconic performance, while sipping our electrifying cocktail Rebel with a cause. Garnished with chili powder, this angsty blend of passion-fruit and tequila packs enough punch to settle the rage of these teenage rebels.

August 19: HIS GIRL FRIDAY, paired with Spice It Up

Spice it up with a change in gender roles! This golden age classic features Rosalind Russell as a working divorcee, pushing the bounds of 1930s portrayal of women on screen. The film keeps it spicy, with its sexual tension, fast pace dialogue and kaleidoscope action, making it the fastest comedy of a the 1930s. Try keeping up with the fastest speaking screwball comedy film with our Spice it up cocktail, which blends jalapeno, grapefruit juice and tequila into a sassing bittersweet delight.

September 16: THE MISFITS, paired with Seeking Stoic

Sit back and ponder the wonders of this warm, rustic bourbon-based blend, featuring notes of ginger, lemon and fresh rosemary, while enjoying film legends Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable contemplate the meaning of life in their final performances in this American classic beautifully written by Arthur Miller.

October 21: GILDA, paired with Stardust

Celebrate the wondrous Rita Hayworth and Put the blame on Mame with our shimmering cocktail, Stardust. This sweet rush of fizzy blueberry and cooling mint leaves, this sparkling wine and gin-based beverage is the height of luxury and mystique, complimenting this film noir masterpiece.

November 18: NOW, VOYAGER, paired with Campari Sunset

Join Bette Davis sail into her sixth best actress Oscar nomination with our tropical cocktail, a Campari sunset. This sweet, refreshing grown-up Hawaiian punch is made with orange and Campari and sparkling wine, a perfect way to unwind as this tender love story unfolds.

December 16: MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, paired with Forbidden Fruit

Indulge in our Forbidden Fruit Cocktail, as Judy Garland sings about the boy next door. This show stopping cocktail, featuring sweet raspberries, matched with a citrus splash and blended with rum will leave your heart going flub flub flub.

Enjoy all of our cocktails through these Golden Age Classics the third Monday every month at Angelika Carmel Mountain and Angelika Plano!