THE ILLUSIONIST DVD release; Q&A with animator

May 20, 2011

Nominee for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Academy Awards THE ILLUSIONIST came out on DVD this week. Director of the Dallas Video Association Bart Weiss hosted a Q&A with animator Justin Hall and production manager Fiona Hall in February to welcome them to the neighborhood (they had recently moved to Dallas!) and discuss this lovely film.

Check out the video below, then add THE ILLUSIONIST to your Netflix queue!

Academy Award nominee Sylvain Chomet (THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE) directs this adaptation of a never before produced script written by legendary French filmmaker Jacques Tati. Set in post-war Edinburgh, this exquisitely animated, mostly silent homage to the stage entertainer. At once melancholy and heartwarmingly nostalgic, THE ILLUSIONIST tells the tale of a vaudeville magician who, forced out of the limelight by the rise of rock â??nâ?? roll, must face the inevitable fact that there may no longer be a place for him in show business.