The Sneak is back and break-dancing in the mirror…

November 6, 2007


The prospect of PLANET B-BOY, a full length feature documentary about break dancing, was certainly daunting for this old codger, (true age a secret) but once this fascinating, incredibly entertaining “Dancing with the Stars” for the hip hop set began I was hooked! Some of the routines I would swear were CGI productions, and I had to ask – could real life kids actually do that stuff with their bods? Not only are dance routines spectacular and beautiful, the back stories about an international world championship meet were truly touching. How do these kids, most from backgrounds not too conducive to artistic endeavor, create such intricate choreography combined with startling athleticism? I know that the history of Hip Hop/Graffiti/Punk movies have quick fades but if one is ever to succeed, this one is it. Watching this by myself I was applauding every set, and I can only assume that an audience of young people will be dancing in the aisles. Terrific!