After taking home the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, IN THE FADE is receiving even more buzz and critical acclaim, and you definitely need to see it! Here’s why:

 1. Awards awards awards!! 

From Cannes to Kansas City, IN THE FADE has screened at countless film festivals, and received nominations and awards all over the place! Most notably, other than the Golden Globe, was the 2017 Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or nomination, as well as Best Actress win for its lead, Diane Kruger. Other wins include a Critics Choice Award at the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, NYFCO Award from the New York Film Critics, Special Award from the Bambi Awards. Click here to see the full list of awards & nominations.

 2. Art imitates life

The film puts the spotlight on a dark time of German nationalism, and centers on the aftermath of the horrific murder of Katja’s (Kruger) husband and young son. All too often in society we see prejudices lead to violence, and in this case, it forces Katja to attempt to uphold her personal strength in the midst of an unimaginable crisis.

 3. Persistence

When the screenplay was being developed, the filmmakers received a lot of discouragement from their peers, who didn’t believe that this film would amount to anything. Similarly, Katja (Kruger) is backed into a corner, in a sense, and must stare straight into the eyes of those who have caused her so much pain, bringing to the screen an unforgettable portrait of loss, grief, and strength. Director Fatih Akin skillfully leads star Diane Kruger, and together they’ve arrived at something truly spectacular. Indiewire says, “Faith Akin’s masterful terrorist thriller is anchored by Diane Kruger’s incendiary, fierce Cannes Award-winning performance as a grieving and vengeful widow.”

View the trailer:

About the film:

Faith Akin’s Golden Globe winner for Best Foreign Language Film is receiving vast critical acclaim, and lead actress Diane Kruger gives what Variety calls a “powerhouse performance.” Out of nowhere, Katja’s (Kruger) life falls apart when her husband and young son are killed in a bomb attack. Despite the support of her friends and family, the mind numbing search for the perpetrators and reasons behind the senseless act leave her emotional wounds open. When Katja must face the perpetrators, a neo-Nazi couple, in trial, she is pushed to her very limits, but must press on to obtain the justice she so desperately desires.

IN THE FADE opens 2/2 at Angelika Dallas, Angelika Plano and Angelika Carmel Mountain.