Village East NY: Meet the winner of our latest contest!

October 31, 2008


Meet Charles, winner of our marathon story contest! See Charles’ story (here) about his experience with the 2007 New York City Marathon, the very event chronicled in RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Just like Fred Lebow, whose sweat and determination lead to the creation of the NYC Marathon, Charles acknowledges the incredible strength of his running community.

Charles and a guest will attend the film, playing this week at the Village East Cinema!


“Not training as hard as last year, I was happy to complete the Sunday race with a time of 4:07:09, beating last year’s time by 26 seconds! â?¦. as unique Chinese guy, and one of the few Triathletes on the team (there are more than 100 members on the team, some of them are at the professional level, fifty percent are Marathon runners), I am proud of my Chinese background and won respect and a lot of support from my running fellows. I have received many mails from my friends, professors and colleagues in the US, China…from all over the world in the Marathon weeks. Thanks for all the support and encouragement; your support is the best gift to me.

What I wish for you is – as my teammate Martin said – “Turn them all into runners!” Next time you visit me in New York City, or I visit you in your city, let’s run together to share our running story!”