Village East: Touching Home Q&As!

May 10, 2010

Touching Home

Join the stars and filmmakers Logan and Noah Miller in-person for a special question and answer event following the 7:30pm shows of TOUCHING HOME on Fri 5/14 and Sat 5/15 – at the Village East Cinema!

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Four-time Academy Award® nominee Ed Harris gives an extraordinary performance in TOUCHING HOME, an emotionally charged drama of love and redemption – a tale about family and the bonds that matter. Based on the best-selling memoir (Either You’re In or You’re in the Way) of writer/director/star duo Logan and Noah Miller, TOUCHING HOME tells the story of the painful, complicated relationship with their troubled, homeless father Charlie (Harris). Features Oscar® nominees Robert Forster and Brad Dourif, Evan Jones, Lee Meriwether, Ishiah Benben and Brandon Hanson.

A superior independent film that will certainly win your hearts.” – The Huffington Post