October 11, 2013

Texas Frightmare Weekend and the Angelika Dallas hosted a great Q&A with Director Jim Mickle of WE ARE WHAT WE ARE. Topics include casting, set locations, Kurt Russell’s son, acting methods and much more.

Proving that richly drawn characters, elegantly composed images and carefully mounted suspense still have their place in contemporary horror, WE ARE WHAT WE ARE is a slow-burn slice of American Gothic. Set in a rain-drenched corner of the Catskills in upstate New York, the story revolves around Frank Parker, a deeply religious patriarch grieving over the sudden death of his wife during preparations for the sacred family ritual of Lamb’s Day. But Frank’s teenage daughters have begun to question this tradition, and a local medico has uncovered disturbing evidence that points suspicion in the direction of the Parker house.

WE ARE WHAT WE ARE opens 10/11 at the Angelika Dallas.