What’s your name?


What’s your name?

What are you doing at the Angelika tonight?
Iâ??m here with my boyfriend to see 2 DAYS IN PARIS.

Oh cute. How long have you guys been together?
12 hoursâ?¦.

Will you be making out at the movies tonight?
No that is thoroughly inappropriate.  You paid your money to watch the movie, not to watch slash hear me make out.

What is your favorite movie treat?

Do you have a favorite movie genre?
Probably zombie movies.

Where were you during fleet week?
Safe in my basement.

Based on your annual current NYC rent, about how much property could you buy in Oklahoma?
Definitely a double-wide trailer. Maybe like 5 cows too.

What tool, object or item in the world do you think is most universally useful?
I want to answer this one rightâ?¦.Iâ??m going to go with a stick.

For the poking, the reaching, the writing on the ground…and the scratching.

Myspace or Facebook?
Ok â?? I hate them both and I want nothing to do with either, but I feel like if you were a band or in some way needing to promote yourself with a product, you should use myspace. But if you are not promoting anything, you should stay off of them.

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