Whatâ??s your name?
Tevy Bradley


Whatâ??s your name?
Tevy Bradley

What was your favorite movie of the summer?

What are you seeing at the Angelika tonight?
I was going to see 2 DAYS IN PARIS. I like everything about Europe.

Really? Should we convert to the metric system?
Oh no! Is that on the books? Is that being discussed? No, never. Too much effort.

What do you think of people who make out at the movies?
Depends on the movie. As long as I cant hear it or see it Iâ??m fine.

Would you make out at the movie?
Sure! Wellâ?¦ok. I go to see the movie. If I havenâ??t seen the movie before, Iâ??m going to be watching the movie, period. If I have seen the movie before, I donâ??t normally do that, but I wouldnâ??t be opposed.

Are you a huge movie buff?
Huge. I love the Angelika, seriously though.

What is the most universally useful object in existence?
A book. What do I always have with meâ?¦.a book and an ipod. But those both only do one thingâ?¦but you could kill someone with or bench press the Harry Potter series.

Where were you on Fleet Week?
When was that?

Probably out. I love fleet week though because I have a weakness for men in uniforms. Not that anythingâ??s ever come of itâ?¦.sigh.

Based on your current NYC rent or mortgage, how much property do you think you could afford in Oklahoma?
Oh! Uhâ?¦like I think I could buy a house. Iâ??m from Nashville and I just went home and my friend owns a condo for basically what I pay in rent. Itâ??s a two story condo. Depressing, really. But I wouldnâ??t trade living in the city.

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