You are probably being watched right now.

December 10, 2007


When an internet pioneer like Barry Schuler, one of AOL’s original trailblazers, supports the notion that Big Brother is indeed always watching you, one has to believe it might be the truth. Schuler is a prominent producer on writer – director Adam Rifkin’s new film LOOK, a provocative fictional account of what he purports to be a pervasive, post-911 phenomenon that has been sweeping the United States – the placement of video surveillance cameras in virtually every spot imaginable. Rifkin, who became aware of how prevalent these cameras are when he was photographed speeding through a yellow light, has created a realistic portrait of this “spy-cam” type footage by shooting the film entirely in surveillance-friendly locations with unrecognizable actors. Shot on authentic looking film, Rifkin placed his cameras next to real surveillances cameras in places like dressing rooms, parking lots, 7-11’s and ATMs to recreate reality – and the results are scarily accurate.

The Hollywood Reporter calls LOOK
“a fascinating feature”
, and Rifkin was also featured in Newsweek’s “Fast Chat” Column.

Rifkin filmed a small preview feature for us, which you can watch below.

[QUICKTIME 320 257]

LOOK opens on December 14 @ the Angelika New York. Click here to purchase tickets.